Waverly police chief resigns

By Terry Harris

According to Waverly Mayor Angela McPhaul, the town’s police Chief Darryl Davis resigned in the night on December 22.

“He left on December 10,” said McPhaul, “and I never heard from him again.”

On the morning of December 23, his work vehicle was in the parking lot and his resignation was inside Town Hall.

Several efforts were made to contact Davis to confirm that his last day at work was December 10 and if a report that he is now working in Smithfield were true.  On December 27 he answered one call, said, “I’m no longer working at Waverly,” and responded to the question about December 10 with, “No.”  Attempts at further questions resulted in his saying, “Let me give you a call back.” He did not.  Multiple subsequent attempts to contact Davis resulted in no response.

When asked for clarification of the situation, Mayor McPhaul responded, “The night of December 22 he resigned effective immediately.  He had previously been out on leave for two weeks. He came in at night and put in his resignation without notice.  Council will meet Tuesday at Town Hall to discuss the situation in closed session.  Sgt. Marquise Smith is Interim chief.”