Walton Elementary School Teacher Shawn Holt Selected as Drs. Singh & Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year

Mrs. Shawn Holt is joined by members of the John Randolph Foundation, the Prince George School Board and William A. Walton Elementary School after receiving the Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year Award. (PGCPS Photo)

PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (October 4, 2022) - Mrs. Shawn Holt, a physical education teacher at William A. Walton Elementary School, was named the 2022 recipient of the Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year Award through local nonprofit organization The John Randolph Foundation.

Established by the Foundation in 2002, the purpose of the Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year Award is to honor an exceptional educator teaching in Prince George County or Hopewell public schools each year and inspire them to maintain standards of excellence. The award consists of a $4,000 grant to boost their teaching skills.

Holt has been part of the Prince George County Public Schools family for over two decades, teaching at N.B. Clements Junior High School for 18 years before transitioning to Walton Elementary, serving their school community for the last three years. In total, Holt has been an educator for 30 years. 

She seeks to inspire her students by helping them meet their full potential through her engaging lessons. Holt's inspirational teaching style and positive impact on the Walton Elementary community saw her named as the division's teacher of the year earlier this spring, where she was heralded for her dedication to supporting the school's students and staff.

Holt will use the grant funding to purchase a BEAM Interactive Floor Projector System to use in physical education classes. The system projects activities onto a large floor space and provides motion-activated games that engage the whole body and allow for great motor activity while players move and interact with one another.

The division and Prince George School Board welcomed Kevin Foster, John Randolph Foundation's Director of Programs, and Lewis Stevenson, a John Randolph Foundation board member, to the school board’s regular meeting on Monday, October 3, where Holt was formally presented with her award and check by the organization. 

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity afforded by the John Randolph Foundation in awarding me a monetary gift that can greatly enhance the learning environment for our Prince George County students, specifically at Walton Elementary," Shawn Holt said. "I am blessed to be able to live out my calling as a teacher and work together with my Walton Elementary family as we seek and strive to do more for our students. Growing up, my parents always impressed upon me the power that more can have on myself and others. I offer a special thank you to the foundation for supporting our community and my parents for loving me more."

"It brings me great joy to see Mrs. Shawn Holt, one of our rockstar educators at Walton Elementary, be recognized for the many ways she has served the students in Prince George County for 22 years," William A. Walton Elementary School Principal Chrystal Barnwell said. "I have observed Mrs. Holt reach students emotionally and academically who have been labeled 'challenging' by others. I have witnessed her collaborate with teachers to develop reward systems to improve a student's behavior. From creating student videos that promote our 'F.L.Y. Like An Eagle' behavior expectations to providing wellness opportunities to boost staff morale, Mrs. Holt's dedication goes beyond the gym doors. She engages all who encounter her and cultivates long-lasting relationships. Mrs. Holt is truly a good steward who is respected, trustworthy, and generous. We at Walton Elementary are grateful to have Mrs. Holt on our team; she undoubtedly deserves this award and much more."

"The Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year Award was established to recognize outstanding educators annually and motivate them to enhance their skills," John Randolph Foundation's Director of Programs Kevin Foster said. "Education is one of the core missions at John Randolph Foundation, and by supporting our teachers, we are creating new pathways to healthier communities and bright futures for generations to come."

"We are incredibly proud of Mrs. Shawn Holt for receiving this recognition from the John Randolph Foundation in honor of her tireless efforts to support the children of Walton Elementary and her colleagues," Division Superintendent Dr. Lisa Pennycuff said. "Throughout her time here in Prince George County, Mrs. Holt finds innovative ways to connect with her students and inspire a love of learning and physical activity. She also connects with her fellow educators, offering ideas and insights for student learning. Like her Walton Elementary family, our division is blessed to have Mrs. Shawn Holt, and we thank her for all of the incredible work she has done for the children of Prince George County."

For more information about the Drs. Singh and Bhuller Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year Award or The John Randolph Foundation, visit their website at http://johnrandolphfoundation.org.  

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