Wachsmann wins House of Delegates seat

By Terry Harris

Four years after losing a bid for the office in 2016, Republican H. Otto Wachsmann defeated Democratic incumbent Roslyn Tyler (D) in a hotly contested race to become the next 75th District Delegate of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Though the results will not be official until November 15, the Virginia Department of Elections website shows the number of votes for Wachsmann at 14,487 or 52.52% to Tyler’s 13,061 or 47.35%.    

Tyler, seeking her fifth Virginia House of Delegates term for the 75th District after having held that office since 2006, carried Franklin and Brunswick Counties. 

Wachsmann, a Stony Creek pharmacist who came out on top in Sussex, Lunenburg, and Southampton Counties, indicated after the race that he intends to keep his campaign promise of a new prescription for Southside Virginia.         

"I think it's going to be a great step for the district,” he said. “It's time to really buckle down and make some positive changes."

In a prepared statement issued on the morning of November 3, Tyler said, in part, “While this is not the outcome we all had hoped for, none of this takes away from the progress we have made together over the years. I was called to service by God, and brought His teaching to care for thy neighbors as the hallmark mission of each of my campaigns and each term over the years. I have immense gratitude for every supporter who believed in me and in this campaign.”

A section of a post from Wachsmann on the evening of November 2 on the Otto Wachsmann for Delegate Facebook page read, in part, “You all have made this happen! Election night has spoken and the people in Virginia have chosen a new path. Wish that I could comment to everyone individually… The amount of positive outpour of support is absolutely amazing. Thank you everyone. Now is the time to start to fill that New Prescription for Southside!”