Sussex County Schools celebrate new international teachers

By Terry Harris

According to school officials, this year’s inclusion of seven new international teachers at Sussex County Public Schools is a refreshing and welcome addition to their roster.

The seven new teachers, hailing from Jamaica and the Philippines, offer an expanded opportunity for inclusion of diversity in the division, they said, adding that the division is happily anticipating thoughts of the novel enrichment activities ahead.

As part of their New Teacher Academy August 16th – 19th, the orientation to Sussex County Public Schools included introductions to facts about the county, resources, and distribution of technology. 

The regular, annual, division-wide Community Bus Trip, traditionally offered at the culmination of the academy for all teachers, had to be downsized this year to include only new teachers due to the pandemic and social distancing. The tour, which school sources said was greatly appreciated, was guided by Edith Massenburg with assistance from Isaac Linton and Maria Colendrino.