Surry hosts surprising spring homecoming parade

By Terry Harris

Covid concerns and social distancing requirements dictated shrinking the size of this year’s Surry Homecoming Parade, but the spirits of the participants, whether riding, marching, or waving from the sidelines, were a joy to behold, according to SCPS Superintendent Dr. Serbrenia Sims.

“It was so absolutely wonderful!” Sims exclaimed.  “From my perspective, it felt great to be able to bring back to the school division some level of normalcy that students are so accustomed to, and what better way to do it than one of our main traditions in Surry County, and that’s the Homecoming parade, of course!”

Sims also commented on how happy she was to see that replacing the traditional homecoming game with a family free movie night did not keep away the alumnae who typically come and participate in the annual Homecoming festivities.

“And I was really happy to see that most everyone around others was masked and people stayed together as families,” she added.  “Some I know remained masked even with their families, and I am just so thankful and appreciative that they adhered to what was required for everyone’s safety.”

“And you know,” she added, “it was so good to see former graduates come back and reunite and fellowship during the parade just like they have for so many years here in Surry County.  Homecoming has always been a really big deal here, and it was just great watching former grads driving their vehicles around or standing around talking with friends at the parade and then showing up with maybe their siblings in the car later just to watch the movie. Surry County is known for our strong community spirit and pride, and after over a year of having to adjust to some pretty strange things in the world right now, this was just a great time for the kids to get out and have something similar to what they’re accustomed to.”