By Terry Harris

According to the Surry County Sheriff’s Department’s Chief Deputy L. R. Anthony, Deputy Koron Stewart’s was introduced to a whole different side of life in law enforcement when responding to a call on May 24.

Upon arriving at an Old Towne Road residence, Stewart found an 18-year-old female in active labor, Anthony explained. He stayed with her, helping to keep her calm, as they waited for a medic to arrive.  The mother began to push, and suddenly Stewart found himself holding a healthy five-pound, ten-ounce baby girl, which he was swaddling when the medic arrived.

“This is just another good example of law enforcement uniting with citizens for the good of the community,” said Anthony.

Reportedly, parents Dikara Piker and Troy Tazewell, newborn Ah’Shirae Tazewell, and Deputy Stewart all are “doing well.”