~ Draft Agenda for Surry County BOS Continuation on April 8 lists 3 items of public interest ~

By Terry Harris

At the April 1 regular meeting of the Surry County Board of Supervisors Board Chair Robert Elliott announced that four candidates had submitted letters and resumes indicating their desire to fill the Carsley District seat which had been held by Supervisor Kenneth Holmes. The board voted to continue the April 1 meeting to April 8 at 7 p.m. to allow time to study the resumes in order to be able to make a decision as to which candidate to appoint.

Chairman Robert Elliott also announced that each of the four candidates who had met the deadline and requirements would be asked to come to the April 8 meeting prepared to make a three-minute presentation “on your desire to be on the board.”

Elliott further stated that the presentations and the determination by the board of which candidate to select would be held in closed session and that the board will make a decision and the appointment at that time. 

A Draft Agenda on the Surry County Website on April 3 for that April 8 meeting also includes two additional items - FY21-22 County Administrator’s Recommended Budget and, under New Business, “Special Projects Appropriation.”

The meeting will be held virtually and directions for attending the meeting may be found in the Agenda section of the county website.