Old school Easter fun slated for April 3

By Terry Harris

This year’s April 3 Easter Egg Hunt at the Jessica A. Moore Center in Waverly may be altered a bit from the norm, but according to the center’s Executive Director Dr. Phyllis Tolliver, despite the ongoing pandemic, it is scheduled to be even more fun than ever!

“One thing I'm very passionate about is keeping everybody safe,” said Dr. Tolliver.  “We’re going to spread it out more this year so they won’t be right up so close to each other, and of course all my staff will have had their shots by then.”

Continuing with her explanation of all the fun she has planned, she said, “So we’re going old-school – back to the sort of fun things we used to do when I was a child – and I am having a Hippidy-Hop Trail for kids one to five years old with three trails set going from the front steps out onto the front lawn that will be all decorated for Easter!  We’ll have different color eggs, and kids will pick their own colors in advance, then go down the trail with their parents and only pick up eggs in their color.”

Tolliver shared that she came up with this method to help keep the little ones socially distanced, adding, “That also will give other kids coming up behind them on the trail the opportunity to get their eggs without all the kids touching all the eggs – just their own.”

“I'm going to make it creative,” she continued, “so they can have fun going down that trail and seeing different things like the Easter Bunny! We have ordered little Easter Bunny masks for each child, and we will also be playing old-school games like Simon Says.  We’re even going to be giving away two bikes as prizes – one for a boy and one for a girl!”

Tolliver was quick to add that there will be fun for older kids as well, as the next age group up will have a chance to hunt for eggs in the playground area and for the older kids there will be eggs hidden out back.

 “And we’ll have their lunches – hot dogs, chips, and a drink - in a bag,” she said, “so they can take that with them, and their dessert will be their candy!”

She paused for a moment, then added, “I love helping people and working with the children. That is my passion, and that was my daughter’s passion,” referring to her daughter, Jessica, for whom the center is named. “We’ve got to groom the kids to take over and take charge and carry on when we're gone.  Without that future, we don't have anything.”

Then, with a bright smile, she added, “I do hope the weather holds up.  But if it doesn’t, we’re going to use our imaginations and the space inside.  We have at least 12 rooms that we can spread out in plus the large room up front and the banquet hall, and we can open up all the windows for ventilation.  So, it’s rain or shine for lots of old-school Easter fun next Saturday in Waverly!”

For questions call 267-226-8644.