By Terry Harris

The weather was perfect as folks gathered in downtown Waverly last Wednesday for a very mellow Mingle on Main.

It was a peaceful scene reminiscent of something from times gone by as friends and neighbors brought out their lawn chairs and claimed a spot in the new parking lot in the 200 block of West Main to enjoy a cold beverage as they listened to a free open-air concert.

“We really enjoyed the festivals the Chamber did last fall and this spring,” said Mayor Angela McPhaul, “but we wanted to try something different.  We love saxophonist Michael Redman and Gill Edwards on vocals, so we decided to try just a simple, early evening party -  hot dogs and burgers, Pop’s Kettle Corn and Funnel Cakes, Hampton Roads Winery with their wine slushies, the Chamber with beer, wine and sodas - just to see how the town liked it.”

Everything went so smoothly that when there was a hitch with the main food vendor no one ever realized there had been a hiccup.

“It was awesome!” McPhaul exclaimed.  “I was really scrambling. At the last minute, our main food vendor for the hot dogs and burgers was not able to come and no other vendors were able to do the event with such short notice. The next thing I know the Town of Waverly Administrative Group approaches me and says, ‘Mayor, we got this!’”

“Raven Sims, Clerk of Council, Amanda Morman, treasurer and newest member of our team, Tiasha Hill and Kathleen Mayes started planning, making lists, and dividing up responsibilities,” she continued. “Ronnie Parham delivered a large grill and Amanda was able to get her husband Jason to cook for the entire event. Public Works set up picnic tables, big colorful plants, and tents. It was just fabulous to see the group work together to put together such a wonderful event!”

Apparently the town enjoyed the event a great deal, as more than 200 people attended and so many positive reactions have come in that plans are in the works for a similar follow-up.

“We are hoping to do another event like this – maybe a series,” Mayor McPhaul said a few days after the Mingle was done. “Michael Redman has a large selection of Christmas music he likes to play, so we’re thinking Jingle on Main next! Look for that event to take place early in December.”