Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces Resignation of Secretary Robert Mosier and the Appointment of Terrance Cole as the Next Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security

RICHMOND, VA - Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced the resignation of Secretary Robert P. Mosier and the selection of the Commonwealth’s next Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Terrance C. Cole.

“Secretary Mosier admirably led our public safety efforts across the Commonwealth, furthering our commitment to reduce violent crime and fight the dangerous influx of illicit drugs such as fentanyl. I thank him for his service to the Commonwealth,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “I am pleased to welcome a respected and experienced law enforcement professional, Terrance C. Cole, as the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. With the breadth of his leadership experiences at the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States, Mr. Terrance Cole is well equipped and incredibly qualified to lead our public safety efforts, ensure safe communities across the Commonwealth, and tackle the scourge of illicit drugs in Virginia.”

Secretary Mosier, a dedicated public servant who previously served as Sheriff in Fauquier County, will officially end his state service on June 1, 2023, and will continue to be engaged with law enforcement. In the last eighteen months, Secretary Mosier successfully led Virginians through several weather-related states of emergency, spearheaded Operation Bold Blue Line, and worked tirelessly to support our community and the law enforcement and public safety officers who dedicate their lives to protecting Virginians and their families.

“This has been an incredible journey of service to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Under the Governor’s leadership, we have made tremendous progress in public safety especially with the ongoing reduction in violent crime and interdiction of dangerous drugs,” said Secretary Mosier. “It has been my great pleasure to work with the Governor and his cabinet, all of whom share the singular purpose of serving the people of Virginia.”

Joining the Administration as Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security is Terrance C. “Terry” Cole, of Louisa County. Mr. Cole has over 28 years of law enforcement service, including over 22 years with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Mr. Cole has experience managing complex police operations and federal task forces, delivering anticipative programs in multiple geographies, and directing teams involved in drug interdictions and enforcement actions across the United States and Latin America.

Mr. Cole was previously in the private sector as a Senior Vice President at Aperia Solutions and worked in the federal government at DEA as the Assistant Regional Director – Mexico City Country Office for North Central America Region; Chief of Staff/Executive Officer to the DEA Chief of Global Operations overseeing over 400 offices; and Chief of Staff/Executive Officer to the Special Agent in Charge of DEA Special Operations Division that included overseeing partnerships with 31 law enforcement agencies.

“I am excited to return to public service and have this incredible opportunity to work with Governor Youngkin and his senior leadership team,” said Mr. Cole. “My extensive experience in law enforcement, overseeing multiple agencies in federal task forces, and direct involvement in the interdiction of drugs coming into the United States meshes with current task forces such as Operation Bold Blue Line and the Crushing The Fentanyl Epidemic: Strengthening Virginian's Interdiction and Enforcement Response to Fentanyl Crisis.”