By Terry Harris

On March 26, Surry County native Karen Huger became the first inductee into the county’s Ambassador Program. As a component of the Surry County Department of Economic Development, the Ambassador Program enables individuals who are passionate about the advancement of Surry County to advocate on the county’s behalf.

Huger, a highly successful reality television personality and business mogul, was proudly and publicly boasting about Surry County and the fact that she attributes a portion of her success to her rural upbringing even before becoming involved in this official capacity.

In this role, she will engage with state and federal government officials, chambers of commerce, regional organizations, community development partners, developers, hospitals, universities, and tourism agencies to advocate for Surry County’s goals and initiatives.  According to county officials, she also will serve to market Surry County in an effort to expand domestic and international in-bound travel and help to foster domestic and international businesses – all pathways to promote and encourage economic development.

Both Surry County Administrator, Melissa Rollins, and Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Elliott expressed confidence in Huger’s suitability to fulfill the role, and after following up her assistance with making the first ever promotional tourism video for Surry County, she promoted the video on her social media platforms on August 30.  County officials report that three days later there were more than 117,000 views on Instagram and more than 37,000 views on Twitter.

Economic Development Director Yoti Jabri expressed his personal thanks to Huger for “continuing to advocate and promote this beautiful county.”

“Having an influencer such as Karen Huger on your team is such a great asset to Surry County,” he said.

“It is an honor to serve my hometown as ambassador,” said Huger. “Describing its charm and all that Surry has to offer during filming reminded me how much we’ve grown, and that together our future is bright.  The best is yet to come!”