Charity lands Hallmark role

By Terry Harris

Antonio Charity is feeling particularly jolly about the upcoming holiday season, as he has just booked a role in an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie!

When reached at his home in Los Angeles, the Surry County native said that he had few details about the part or the movie, but described signing for his role by saying, “What a great Christmas gift!”

“It’s a funny thing,” he continued. “I’ve had an agent in Utah since 2019.  She sent me a few auditions, but then COVID struck, and I told her, ‘Don’t send me any more auditions. I’m not coming to Utah.’ Ever since, I’ve even ignored her bulk client emails – Delete! Delete! Delete! - for a year and a half. But with this one, she put my name in the subject line and then sent a text that said I needed to look at it.  I opened it, I liked the way it sounded, I sent in an audition reel, and I booked it!”

“I’m always happy to be working,” Charity continued, “But playing the sheriff!!! And in a Hallmark movie?  It wasn’t on my bucket list or anything, but I have often watched these Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime and thought, ‘I could have played that role! I’d have made a good small town sheriff,’ and here it is! It happened!”

“We’re filming in Utah at the end of November going into December,” he said, “and about all I know is that I’ll be playing a small town sheriff in a Hallmark Christmas movie for a streaming platform that will be shot at some ski slopes,” Charity said. 

Stories appearing  in Variety and Vanity Fair describe a Christmas movie - to be shot in Utah in November and December this year for Netflix - as a “Christmas Rom-Com” and list the director and producers as having been involved with other Hallmark movies.  They add that Michael Damian, known for a long run acting in the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless,” is also involved, and the star of the film will be Lindsay Lohan.

When asked about the articles concerning the upcoming film, which Variety described as portraying Lohan as “a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident” Charity excitedly said that the plot sounds the same, and it definitely sounds like that’s the town where he will have several scenes as “The Sheriff.”

“That’s a Christmas gift for sure!” Charity said.