Waverly water tower resumes operations

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: October 10, 2018 | 2:50 p.m.

WAVERLY – After over more than two years offline, the Waverly Water Tower is finally operational again.  Mayor Angela McPhaul and Town Council Member Franklin Cox expressed joy – and relief – last week when the last test was run and water began to flow again.   

“The re-construction work was completed in mid-August and since that time we have undergone an exhaustive program of cleaning, water sampling, testing, and re-testing,” said Cox.”The goal, of course, is to ensure that the tower is working properly and that our water supply is safe.  Once we received notice that we passed the final water sampling test, we re-aligned the fill and discharge valves, started the well pumps, and we can now report that our main water tower is finally back in service. We’d really like to offer thanks to all who helped with this and thanks to the citizens of Waverly for their patience and understanding.”

Cox, a retired engineer, said, “We had a lot of people pulling together to make it happen.  Utilities Services Company was the general contractor that did the work, Parham’s Welding and Fabrication – a local company – did the pipe work as subcontractor, Sussex Service Authority , Waverly Public Works Department and Bowman Consulting all worked together with us. What I did was call that whole group together and say, ‘We gotta’ figure out how to fix this.’  And so that group, working together, figured out a way to fix the problem, fixed it, and got the testing done to make sure the water was safe once it was done.  I was sort of the organizer, pushing everybody together and keeping to schedule to make sure it got done.”  

He described his feeling when the first water came through as, “Elation!  I guess this had been a huge problem for the town, but we accomplished it because we got so many people to work together to solve it.  We have a lot of smart people around here, and if we can all get motivated and heading in the right direction, I believe that we can do anything.  The Mayor and the Town Council gave me 100 percent support and encouragement and trusted us to make this thing work.  I didn’t have to worry about them second guessing what we were doing.  They believed in us.” 

(L–R) Clyde Johnson, Randy Ellis, Franklin Cox, Joe Jones, Larry Saunders, Mike Kearns, Ronnie Parham, Frank Irving, Don Maddon, Howard Jones, Bob Magette all helped with project

Mayor McPhaul and the new Town Council have been hard at work on fixing the problem since they took office on July 1. Explaining how Cox’s  involvement before he became a Town Council member figured into the achievement, McPhaul said, “Franklin had served on an Advisory Water Committee to the town.  But they were not formally involved in the project.  He also served on the Board of Directors for the Sussex Service Authority.  So he knew all of the players involved, and on July 1st he jumped in and hit the ground running with this project!”

McPhaul said that she was so happy about having the project finally successfully completed, and added, “My biggest fear was only having one water tower.  Because if we ever had a bad hurricane or lightning should strike, the town would not have had any water source.  So having that second tower up online gives me a huge sense of relief.  And now that we have two towers up and running it will allow us to run our flushing program, which will move more water through the system and hopefully help alleviate some of the brown water problems we have had in town.”

“This is a huge project accomplished,” she added, “and now we’re looking forward to continuing to work on other issues as we press on toward our goal of making Waverly back into a place where everyone – everyone – will be happy and proud to live.” 

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