Waverly man steals car, crashes during high speed chase

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: November 19, 2019 | 3:00 p.m.

WAVERLY – On Thursday night, 19-year-old Lamont Barrow of Waverly, allegedly jumped into and sped off in a 2010 Toyota Corolla that had been left running for “just a very few minutes while the owner dropped off some things with her grandmother” according to Waverly Police Officer TreVaughn Compton. The subsequent high-speed chase through and around Waverly ended in a crash and foot pursuit through a wooded area, and left the 19-year-old Waverly man with eight additional charges on top of the outstanding warrant.

Compton described the scene as “pretty crazy.”

“Thursday evening a stolen car call came out from the town,” Compton began. “While we were out looking for the vehicle, the owner’s boyfriend saw the car and started chasing it. They were driving by all the back roads and we were trying to intercept them. Finally, as we were nearing their location, the driver of the stolen car flew by me on 460, and I could tell he wasn’t going to stop.”

Compton described chasing the stolen car down multiple roads before Barrow allegedly cut through a parking lot in excess of 60 mph, made a right onto highway 40, and cut through a yard where he lost control of the vehicle, rolled it, and slammed into a tree.

“We attempted to get him to surrender on the scene,” Compton said, “but he hopped out of the car and started running. After a brief foot pursuit, we kept a tight perimeter around a small section of woods he had run into. About 15 minutes later he tried to run again. He kept running, really, really trying to get away. It was very dark, and he was wearing black clothes so it was really hard to see him. But we knew he would be staying in that section of woods. Finally, we found him hiding, lying on the ground in the mud in a little creek area with one shoe missing. He surrendered without any further drama.”

The Waverly Police Department and the Sussex County Sheriff’s Department coordinated the chase and subsequent capture. Barrow is currently in custody in Sussex County Jail facing felony charges of eluding law enforcement, theft of motor vehicle, theft of credit card, and destruction of property in addition to four lesser charges and the previous outstanding warrant from Prince George.

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