Waverly extends warm welcome to new area investor

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: May 4, 2019 | 3:15 p.m.

WAVERLY – Connecticut entrepreneur Brian Morrison announced last week that he has purchased several buildings on four acres of West Main Street in Waverly and though there are “still hoops to jump through, he plans to open a “really nice” grocery store early next year. In an exclusive meeting after closing on the sale of the property where the proposed grocery store is slated to go, Morrison and his contractor, Peter Tucker, disclosed that they have been working on the project since November, and it wasn’t a move they made lightly.

“Actually, I originally intended to move to North Carolina,” Morrison said, “but my daughter had moved to Hampton, and she told me about Fresh Pride here in this area.  My first thought was, ‘Hey!  And my daughter lives near there!’ So we came here, but the owner only wanted to lease, and I don’t want to lease; I want to purchase. I’m not moving my family to an area and investing in a business of this size unless I own the property.”

“So I called the mayor,” he continued, “and she gave me information that we have buildings here on Main Street, but they will need some work. So I brought my contractor with me, and the mayor and chief of police took us over to look at it.  And when I looked at this property and this area, I felt that it would be a perfect place to invest in – and to make our home.”

“This will not be a convenience store,” he added, “We’re looking at about 11,000 square feet, with pretty much everything. I really would love to work with the locals on fresh-grown local produce as well.  Once we get everything in place, hopefully we will have the grocery store done in early 2020.”    

Morrison said that after 38 years of working for others, he and his wife wanted to open their own business.  So their immediate plans include both the grocery store and “nice, middle-income apartments upstairs” above the grocery store, plus they are exploring other interesting possibilities for creative uses of the rest of the property with an interest in exploring other local properties as well.    

He said that he excited about the possibilities, but reiterated, “First, our focus is on the apartments and the grocery store.”

Mayor McPhaul, whom he credited with helping to find the location, said, “We certainly welcome him here, and are excited about plans for the grocery store here.  We’re also excited about the possibilities Mr. Morrison has.  This is a very positive step toward making Waverly a place you want to come to – and stay awhile!  Having a grocery store was part of the vision when running for mayor, and we’re doing everything we can to make him feel welcome and help move the process along.”  

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