Town of Waverly goes all out for Season of Giving

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: December 20, 2019 | 3:15 p.m.

WAVERLY – Christmas is still two weeks away, but The Town of Waverly has been overflowing with good cheer since before Thanksgiving, according to Mayor Angela McPhaul. 

“We consider this a time and season of giving,” McPhaul said, “and we’ve just finished a food drive.  The first thing we did as a kickoff for the season was a coat drive.  We collected over 60 coats for people who really need the warmth they give. Then we did the food drive, because we realized how dire the need was at the Sussex County food bank.   We received hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of food donations! It was unbelievable. People were so generous we were able to split it up and help three groups!  We delivered some to DSS and some to the Seventh Day Adventist Food Bank and Supervisor Futrell picked up some to share with other people who really need good food, especially this time of year.”

McPhaul said that the next giving project for the town was participating in the Santa Clause project with the library.

Mayor McPhaul (front l), Communications Supervisor Pam Jones (back, center, in black) and volunteers who monthly run the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Food Bank

“I joined with arts and craft with the kids,” she said, “And you know, we had 105 kids come through to participate with arts and crafts!  That was headed up by the library with five to seven different activities the kids could participate in. Some were crafts, some involved book-reading or taking their picture with Santa – things like that.”

She said that one thing the whole Waverly town staff got excited about was helping with the Sussex County Angel Tree Project, run by the DSS.

“We took the names of five children from the tree and put together nice gifts for each,” she explained.  “The gift bags were from each department – Communications, Police Department, Administration, Public Works, and the mayor’s office.  Everything in there – everything in all these projects – was donated.  Not a penny of town money was spent, and each child got a big gift bag with a pair of shoes, a shirt, pair of pants, jacket – it was pretty amazing.” 

Mayor McPhaul said that the town is now working on Toys for Tots, and shared that after partnering with a local business owner they were able to provide 100 turkeys from a turkey drive for Thanksgiving. 

“Social Services got in touch with people they thought could use the food at thanksgiving, and then those families throughout Waverly came to pick up their turkeys and other groceries,” she said. “We also got and greatly appreciated a donation of hams from Smithfield Foods.”

“We’re trying to do more things for children – trying to participate in even more community activities,” she added.  “We look at this in the town of Waverly as a season of giving and our departments are all trying to participate in different ways.”

“They’re all from the town, but there’s no money coming from the town of Waverley,” McPhaul continued. “Every piece of this is either a donation of time, money, or an item by our employees and citizens and local business partners and organizations, and we so appreciate the support of all of our people – public works, communications department, police department, and all the people that volunteer once a month at the Seventh-day Adventist food bank. Pam Jones with Communications and just so many individuals and groups have worked so hard to make these projects a reality as we work together to try and help as many people as we can during this season of giving and all year round, not just for the town of Waverly, but for all of Sussex County.” 

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