Town of Waverly declares April Spring Cleanup Month

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: March 8, 2019 | 3:45 p.m.

TOWN OF WAVERLY – “We’ve got to start working on this in a big way,” said Waverly Mayor Angela McPhaul, describing the big spring cleaning effort beginning in Waverly. “The collapse of the building on Main Street and the numerous complaints received concerning the junk, trash, debris and inoperable vehicles was a wakeup call for me and the town administration. So we hired Lee Copland, a part-time zoning administrator with experience in building codes, zoning codes and general code enforcement experience. And because the position encompasses several areas concerning the health, safety and welfare of the town, the position is titled Director of Public Safety Zoning.” 

McPhaul said that after discussing the issues with many citizens of Waverly and members of the town council they realized that the only way to make the town safe and healthy plus improve the overall value of all of the properties in town, is to stop the procrastination of being reactive and become proactive in working to help citizens find ways to keep their properties safe and healthy.

“A lot of people don’t even realize that it’s not only unsightly and dangerous – it’s against the law to have inoperable vehicles, whether they’re partially dismantled or just have expired stickers just sitting around. The ordinances have been there for years,” McPhaul explained.  “They’ve just never been enforced.  So we’re declaring April of 2019 Spring Cleaning Month for the Town of Waverly. We are proactively working now to have the unsafe and nuisance properties and buildings made safe or removed.  We’ve already got property owners working with us on several of those.  So now we’re moving on to phase two – helping citizens clean up their junk, debris and inoperable motor vehicles.  We plan to include ways to help with it in the next water bill.”

 Asked if all the folks in Waverly who want to participate have to wait until April to begin, McPhaul said, “Absolutely not!  And we know that once they realize, lots of people will want just to get their tags renewed or their vehicles made operational again, and that’s great.  But for people who have junk vehicles that they just need to get rid of, we’ve already arranged for a way to help!  All they have to do is call American Towing at 757-859- 6362 to have their junk vehicles hauled away free of charge!  Like I said, we know that some people will just want to go ahead and get their vehicles properly moved and tagged, and that’s great.  But a lot of these vehicles have become not just eyesores.  They’re dangerous.  When they’re used for storage, for example, snakes get under and inside them, which is certainly dangerous.  Plus grass and weeds and even saplings grow up in and around them when they can’t be moved for mowing.  Now for anyone who has an unsightly vehicle rusting away on their property that they don’t know what to do with, this is a quick and easy way to handle that!”

McPhaul said that the town council is enthusiastic about and stands together on this, and that calls to the town office from anyone who has questions or needs additional information about the effort, the goals, or the law referenced are welcomed.

“The goal is to bring back pride in our town by making it healthy and safe place for the families of Waverly,” McPhaul said. “The junk and decay did not happen overnight, and it will not go away overnight. But by slowly enforcing the laws and ordinances, we can make everyone safer and healthier. Spring is a new beginning, and by the end of the summer we will be able to see the fruits of our work.”

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