Surry County Resident Ernestine Wells Slade recognized by Board of Supervisors

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Posted: Mar. 9, 2018 | 11:20 a.m.

SURRY – At the March 1 meeting of the Surry County Board of Supervisors, Mrs. Ernestine Wells Slade was recognized for attaining the age of 90 years.  Recognition of county citizens following their 90th birthday is a standard event, but the list of her accomplishments was far from ordinary.  According to Resolution 2018-05, which was read aloud by Board Member Judy S. Lyttle, Mrs. Slade’s accomplishments, in part, include:

  • Mrs. Slade has been a devoted member of First Gravel Hill Baptist Church for over 80 years, including serving as the Chairperson for Family and Friends Day for over 20 years; and
  • Mrs. Slade, along with her husband, Clifton S. Slade, became a licensed foster parent with the Isle of Wight County Department of Social Services in 1983, providing a loving foster home for sixty-three children, while raising their own four biological children; and
  • Mrs. Slade received recognition as “National Foster Parent of the Year” in 1998, and was honored by Former Governor of Virginia, The Honorable Bob McDonnell, in 2014 for her dedication to the foster care system.

She was also recognized for “many contributions that she has made to help make Surry County a better place for all of its citizens through her active participation in the affairs of the County.”


Mrs. Slade is seen here being recognized by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in 2014. 

Following the reading of the resolution, Mrs. Lyttle commented that it is always a pleasure for board members to recognize citizens who have reached such a milestone, and urged everyone, “If you have family members out there who are reaching that milestone do let us know – they have participated and contributed so much to our community, so don’t let us forget.”

Mrs. Slade was further described as having “provided a loving home for 63 children of all ages and races with varying degrees of service needs along with their own 4 biological children. She is also the proud grandmother of 7 and proud great-grandmother of 7… Her heart and doors were always open to a child or children in need regardless of age, race, or nationality.”

Tyrone W. Franklin, County Administrator noted that, while Mrs. Slade was unable to attend the meeting, her granddaughter LaSonia White was present, and he asked that she “Let your grandmother know how much we think of her.”

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