Surry Board welcomes back Drewry

The Surry Board of Supervisors welcomed back Supervisor Michael H. Drewry Thursday night.

Supervisor Drewry said he was feeding his hogs in January when he slipped on some ice. He suffered a concussion and has been vacant from meetings since.

“It is nice for me to be venturing out a bit,” Drewry said. “My wife and I just returned from Pittsburgh. I was lucky enough, fortunate enough, to receive care from the doctors that work with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I did not realize, I should have done my homework, but they are in the Stanley Cup Finals right now. The whole town was talking about finals. They were a little appalled at our lack of knowledge.”

Drewry said he figured if theses specialists could get a hockey player back out on the ice, they could get a farmer down in Surry back on solid soil. Drewry is still following doctor’s orders to take it easy, and left shortly after 8 P.M.

The board voted on a couple of items and much of the Thursday night meeting was spent hearing public comment and reports.

The board unanimously approved Resolution 2016-14: Authorization of the Surry County Emergency Operations Plan. Emergency Services Coordinator, Irving Jones, raised concerns about provisions for Potassium K Iodine.

“If we have a radiation problem within a 10-mile radius of the plant, people would be given KI, the abbreviation for Potassium K Iodine,” Irving Said. “It would be distributed solely by the Virginia Health Department and we have no control over that. They would designate when and where that would be distributed to the public.”

Jones said the KI could be distributed at the evacuation center, but the KI is also available in pharmacies.

“When we have drills for this, M&Ms are given out,” Jones said. “Lets hope we keep giving out M&Ms. We hope and pray we never have a nuclear situation of any type, but I expressed to my family that I have to be here. I told them to go on and head up to D.C., I’ll catch up with you later.”

Plans for the Surry County Rescue Squad have been altered. Brian Camden, Surry County Project Manager, said conversations with county staff and Dominion Virginia Power revealed an opportunity to accommodate a new emergency incident response center for the county and Surry Nuclear Power Plant.

Criteria to include this response center require relocating the facility away from the government center outside of the 10-mile plume radius. Camden said the Surry County industrial park is an ideal location, and was considered as a location in the initial rescue squad design stages. This site will accommodate a helicopter landing pad and a muster area for up 100 Dominion Virginia Power response individuals. Camden further explained relocation as meeting FEMA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission standards.

“The government center falls right within the 10-mile plume zone,” Camden said. “It ends somewhere around the rec center on 10. This was a deal breaker for FEMA and Dominion Virginia Power. If we move forward with this joint combined effort, we will have to relocate the rescue squad from where it was designed to a location in the industrial park.

Camden also gave the board a projects update. Topics covered include the Surry Seafood Company, the Surry County Marina complex, and the Town of Dendron water system upgrade.

“The Surry Seafood Company opened Mother’s Day weekend,” Camden said. “By most accounts, they have enjoyed a tremendous success out there.”

Camden said they served 700 meals between Friday and Sunday of the final weekend in May. The restaurant has over 3,000 likes on Facebook and has achieved a five star rating on Trip Advisor and Yelp for food and service.

“A design of the new fishing pier and Surry County Marina complex was finished last month,” Camden said. “We have completed our joint format application to the Virginia Marine Resource Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers.”

Surry County is required to have public hearings on the wetlands impact. The Virginia Marine Resource Commission will advertise and conduct the hearings.

“The permitting process for this particular project is rather lengthy,” Camden said, “and we are hoping the permit will be issued within the next 90 days.”

The Virginia Department of Health made comments that resulted in modification of the Town of Dendron water system upgrade. Surry is still on schedule to advertise for construction bids next month, with hopes of breaking ground in August or early September.

The board approved the six-year road improvements plan and reappointments. In addition to housekeeping items and the consent agenda, the board approved Conditional Use Permit 2016-02.

The permit will allow for the opening of an outdoor airsoft facility to open its doors for a period of one-year. This story is still developing and more details will be available after the facility is constructed and the facility approaches an opening date.

The board will meet on Thursday, June 9 at 7 P.M. in the General District Courtroom at 45 School Street. The board will vote on the 2016-2017 budget in the next meeting; well ahead of the state mandated June 30 deadline.

Featured Photo: Ben May/Sussex-Surry Dispatch
Surry County Administrator Tyrone Franklin, left, looks over at County Supervisor Michael H. Drewry, right, during the Board’s meeting Thursday.

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