Mason defeated in Waverly mayoral race

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Posted: May 1, 2018 | 9:06 p.m.

Challenger McPhaul defeats Mason 365-190

Angela McPhaul

WAVERLY – In the May 1 Waverly Mayoral race, Angela McPhaul defeated the incumbent, Walter Mason, 365-190.  McPhaul ran with a full slate of candidates for Town Council.  The entire slate, consisting of Allen Bernstorf, Jonathan Butts, Franklin Cox, Miriam Edwards, and Clyde Johnson, also defeated the incumbents.  

There was a steady stream of voters throughout the day, and at 3 p.m., William Jenkins, Voter Registrar for Sussex County, spoke of the large turnout already evident at that time, and how impressed he was with all the hard work done by both candidates.

“I am very impressed with the interest voters are taking –  in seeing so many people involved,” Jenkins said. “I know how much trouble it is to run for office, so I’m impressed to see how hard these people have worked.  As important as this election is, this participation is what I really want to see.  It’s the voter involvement.  I’d rather see this than people complaining after the elections, saying they don’t like it.”  

Mayor (WAVERLY) Results by Precinct

2 precincts of 2 (100.00%) reporting
Candidate Votes Percent
Walter J. Mason 190 34.17%
Angela W. McPhaul ✅ 365 65.65%
Write In 1 0.18%

Last Modified on 05/01/2018 08:16 PM

Member Town Council (WAVERLY) x5 Results by Precinct

2 precincts of 2 (100.00%) reporting
Candidate Votes Percent
Van L. Turner 197 7.55%
Barbara Turner Banks 172 6.59%
Barbara L. Taylor 205 7.85%
Henry A. Thompson 179 6.86%
Jonathan L. Butts ✅ 292 11.18%
Clyde E. Johnson ✅ 318 12.18%
Miriam D. Edwards ✅ 274 10.49%
B. Allen Bernstorf Jr. ✅ 281 10.76%
B. Franklin Cox ✅ 313 11.99%
Cheryl D. Jones 194 7.43%
Kayda Pope Thornton 185 7.09%
Write In 1 0.04%

Last Modified on 05/01/2018 08:16 PM

The Sussex-Surry Dispatch will have more coverage on the Waverly town elections in the next issue of the newspaper on May 9. 

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