Local tips for on-time Valentine – and everything else – mail delivery

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Posted: February 9, 2019 | 3:45 p.m.

VIRGINIA – “Everything’s important!” said Waverly Postmaster Billy Trueman when asked about the most crucial thing to assure that your Valentine – or any mail – arrives on time.  “Make sure it’s addressed correctly and everything’s spelled correctly. If it’s to an apartment, make sure you include the correct unit letter or number. And be sure you put who it’s from on the left-hand corner and who it’s to on the center or right center side.” 

“Remember that anything over 13 ounces bearing stamps must be brought into window for hand to hand transaction,” he added. “That helps with aviation security – things like lithium batteries, perfume, any hazards.  The face to face dealing keeps everybody safe.”

Visibly excited, he then explained a new service postal patrons can sign up for to further assure delivery both on time and at the right place.

“It’s called informed delivery,” he said. “You sign up at USPS.com and the automated machines up in Richmond will snap a picture of what’s on your way, email it to you, and you will know what is coming in your mailbox for that day before it gets there!”  

Trueman, who has been Waverly Postmaster since 2004, said that one of his favorite things about Valentine’s Day is that, while customers are always allowed to draw artwork on their mail, “Around Valentine’s day it’s really nice!  They will draw things like hearts, I love you, cupids, Don’t open ‘til the 14th, or You have my heart.”

“And we also have the breakup ones, too. Hearts in two halves. Little words that say, ‘You broke my heart’ – sometimes more colorful words,” he added, laughing. “I can’t repeat those.” 

Trueman shared that if you want to do something extra special with your Valentines, you can address them, put stamps on them, stuff them in a big envelope, and send it to Valentines Postmaster, Valentines, VA 23887, and write Valentines Cards Enclosed up at the top.  

“They’ll mail them out for you from there!” he said. “So the postmark will say Valentines VA.  It may even have a little cupid on it!” 

Trueman said that people often forget – or don’t know – that the Post Office also carries a number of mailing supplies, including boxes, envelopes, and mailing labels in many sizes.

“Some are even red and white, which is great for Valentines!” he added.  “We have Love stamps.  Little hearts.   We even have express and priority mail in case someone’s running a little behind on mailing their Valentines.”     

To help make sure that you receive your mail, Trueman said it’s also important to have a good, sturdy mailbox, properly attached to the pole,  with numbers on it and a door that opens and closes to keep your mail safe from weather and adversities.

“And if you raise the flag on your mailbox in front of your house,” he added, “you can put your stamped mail in the box and the carrier will stop by and pick it up.  You don’t even have to come into the post office.  You can even buy stamps if you leave money or a check in an envelope with directions inside. We like doing things to make it easier for our customers. Just please tell people that during the winter, it’s so important to make sure your porches are cleared of snow so there are no hazards for the carrier.”  

As for his favorite thing about being postmaster, Trueman said, “I love helping customers every day.  Resolving their issues. Being able to make them smile.  And in a small town, you know everybody. You know them by face. Customers bring us cakes, pies, pizza, even breakfast sometimes, almost on a daily basis just to surprise us and say thank you for our service.  It’s one of the joys of a small town post office.”

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