Jarratt leaders debate best use for clubhouse

Money to fix the Johns-Manville Clubhouse in Jarratt was once again the focus of discussions during the monthly meeting of the Jarratt Town Council.

Discussion began when the issue of renting the building was raised by members of Council, and Councilwoman Annie Peavy mentioned she was hopeful the Clubhouse could become a focal point of Town life once the water and sewer problems were fixed in the facility.

Previously, Councilman Michael Lee Grizzard had stated the water and sewer lines had deteriorated so badly in the structure they would need to be replaced or a septic system would have to be installed.

Peavy said putting in such a system was estimated to cost around $10,000 for the system, with another $7,000 for installation, though costs could to even higher.

“People are calling to rent the place but we can’t rent it without water and sewer,” Peavy said.

Jarratt Mayor Ken Warf said the problem goes beyond simply getting a septic system installed.

“There is no use running water and sewer lines to a kitchen and bathrooms that don’t work,” Warf said. “Running a sewer line and saying we have water hooked up to the building is like saying we have a car when we have no chassis.”

Warf said the Town needed to move toward a concrete plan for dealing with the facility, which would need bathroom upgrades as well as kitchen upgrades, repairs Grizzard said could range from low six figures to perhaps low seven figures.

“There’s no way, if you built that Clubhouse today, you could build it for less than a million dollars,” Grizzard said. “My personal feeling has always been that we should sell the property and find a private investor to turn it into a rentable facility. That way they would be responsible for the maintenance and repairs.”

Featured Photo: Roger Bell / The Dinwiddie Monitor Photo
The Johns-Manville Clubhouse in Jarratt has been the subject of much discussion among Town leaders as to how to effectively utilize the facility and its five-acre grounds.

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