Greensville authorities seek help with robbery ID

There are very few things more terrifying that suddenly being confronted by armed men as you routinely go about your work day.

But that is what happened to a clerk at a convenience store on Gaston Road in Greensville County on Saturday night. Now, the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public throughout the region, including Prince George, Sussex and Dinwiddie Counties, for their help in identifying the suspects.

You can see photos of the suspects on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook Page or on the Independent Messenger’s Facebook page. The story has had more than 20,000 views and the North Carolina media also ran the story on their Facebook pages.

But the sheriff’s office still need leads, which is why they are asking residents in Sussex County, Dinwiddie, and Prince George to view the photos and to call in leads, even a small lead could be the tip the Sheriff’s Office needs to break the case.

“If you recognize anyone in these photos, please contact us,” said Sheriff Tim Jarratt. “We really need help in identifying these three men. They were wearing hoods and covered the bottom part of their faces but you can see identifying features in the photos taken from the store’s video camera. Please take a moment to look at the photos to see if you can identify anyone.

“If you want to remain anonymous you can. We just need help in identifying the suspects.

“The store robbed was located on Gaston Road (near the North Carolina border). The suspects could live in Virginia or North Carolina. Please share the photos on your own Facebook page, if possible. The more we get the word out the more likely it is we can identify these men before they rob somewhere else.

“Just think about how you would feel if you were the victim of an armed robbery, especially with three armed men. You know it has to be scary. Please help us catch these armed robbers and keep our community safe.”

Sheriff Jarratt pointed out that the Sheriff’s Office depends on its residents to help be their eyes and ears. “We need your help,” he said.

If you have any information call the Sheriff’s Office at (434) 348-4200 or Crime Line at (434) 634-1111.


Featured Photo: Contributed

Three armed suspects entered Stateline Market on Gaston Road last weekend. If you can identify the men please call the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 348-4200 or Crime Line (434) 634-1111.

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