DMV services coming to Sussex following county efforts

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: October 22, 2019 | 3:45 p.m.

SUSSEX – Beginning in April of next year, Sussex County Citizens will have a much shorter commute to renew license plates, process vehicle titles, purchase hunting and fishing licenses and about 40 other DMV services, according to an announcement made at the October 17 Board of Supervisors meeting.

As Supervisor Eric Fly, who has spearheaded the effort to bring a DMV site to the county, made the announcement, he was quick to share credit with County Treasurer Deste Cox.

“The Treasurer and I have been working to get a DMV Select in Sussex County so that instead of having to drive all the way to Petersburg, Emporia, or Courtland to do things like renew your license tags, transfer vehicle titles – pretty much anything you could do at those big offices – you could just do it right here at home,” Fly said.

“The important thing,” Fly continued, “is that this DMV Connect, which will provide for them to send someone in once a quarter to handle things on site, is the necessary first step toward our real goal, a DMV Select. With that we’ll have a daily service location right here in the county. That means our own cashiers would be able to work the daily actions in our offices in the Courthouse Complex. In other words, this gets Sussex County in line so that the DMV can come renew license, tags, anything you can do at the regular DMV.”

Once the DMV Select is in place, Fly said, there will be over 40 transactions that can be handled locally. They also include things like obtaining Drivers’ license renewal, Adult and Child Identification Cards, Disabled parking placards, and Vehicle Registrations right in Sussex County.

According to Cox, while the facility will not initially be able to do actual driving tests, but citizens will be able to “do drivers’ license renewals and other things you’d be going to a DMV office for. So it will cut down on the drive time that our citizens have always had to deal with, and also the wait time that you usually have at a DMV in Emporia, Courtland and Petersburg – which are currently our closest places where you can get all these things – and more – done.”

“This is why we think this is very important for the county,” she added. “For many local citizens transportation is not easy. Plus we have a lot of elderly citizens. This makes it easier for them, to have a place, locally, to take care of so many of these required things rather than have to get on I 95 or 460 to travel to a DMV.”

Fly later reiterated that the service, which will begin April 8, is “only the beginning. I’ve been working with Commissioner Holcomb to try to get this DMV Connect expanded, and he has assured me that come January they would be able to up the services. We are seriously working toward a DMV Select in Sussex County, and of course this will be available for the convenience of citizens in the surrounding area – like Surry County – as well. I really hope that the time we get that first DMV Connect visit to the county in April we already will have qualified for the Select in its place – which will prevent our ever having to travel outside of our county for these services.

Fly said that this is the one of four projects he started working toward two years ago.

“The first was to create a new economy in Sussex that would allow us to attract high tech data centers and distribution centers,” he explained. “And to do that we have to change our tax code, keep our taxes low, and truly balance our budget without borrowing from our reserve account. That one is still ongoing; I’m in talks with Amazon and Microsoft and other major companies right now. The second was to produce a Senior Citizens tax discount, which Ms. Cox has been working on. In fact, we just allocated $4,000 for her to do a study on how to implement this tax plan for our Seniors. The third was to move the rescue squad – to try to move an ambulance down to the courthouse area – because the response times for Waverly and Stony Creek sometimes can be long because of where they are located, plus this also will move them closer to the schools.”

“Of course,” he added,” this fourth ongoing project – the DMV effort – is one we will continue to work so that we can get this greatly upgraded service to our county. And I especially appreciate the hard work by the Treasurer and the Commissioner of Revenue as we work toward greater convenience for our citizens.”

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