Blowe hosts Stony Creek District town hall meeting

Sussex County Board Chairman Keith Blowe hosted the Stony Creek District town hall meeting on Saturday at Fort Grove United Methodist Church. The meeting, which began at 10 a.m. was attended by representatives from the county administration and the school board district. Blowe hosted this event to inform the citizens personally about updates with things going on in the county, and as a chance for people to get their questions answered.

“At the board meetings a good number of citizens come, but it’s really not that many,” Blowe said. “By doing this I bring the information to them and give them the opportunity to ask questions of me, so I can answer and give them accurate information of what’s going on in the county, and then also to let me know what concerns they have, so I can take those concerns back and then give that information back to the citizens.”

One of the things Blowe talked about was a training program that he recently completed. He met with other elected leaders on July 29th in Fluvanna County to complete the Virginia Certified County Supervisors Program class, part two of ‘Inventing your county’s future: the role of community planning.’

Another topic with was discussed was the Sappony Solar Farm. This is a solar renewable energy project which was proposed to be located in Sussex county on 371 acres across multiple parcels. The project design was based on various engineering and environmental studies performed at the site over the last year. It consists of 88,209 x320 watt panels plus 9 x 2.5 megawatt interters which are designed to provide maximum 20 megawatts of nameplate capacity. A conditional use permit for the project was recently discussed at the last Sussex board meeting.

When Blowe completed the topics he wanted to discuss, he allowed the citizens to raise concerns they wanted to talk about. One such concern brought up by one parent was getting a gravel road paved in her neighborhood. She stated that during rainy weather, the road was not safe for the school bus which takes children to school from that area.

“A six year plan is reviewed each year by the board,” Blowe said. “Reviewed projects may stay on the list, but others get moved up ahead. They get re-ordered and re-ranked.”

Blowe explained that paving the road was on the six year plan, however, it was one of the project which had been moved ahead, which is why it has not yet been completed.

“It’s really important that each representative each year, stays on top of their projects in their district to make sure that they don’t get moved down the list,” Blowe said. “This particular project has been on the books now for ten years.”

Blowe assured the concerned resident that project would not be any further delayed. He also stated that budget wise, one of the bigger projects being looked at right now by the county was running water and sewer to one of the mega sites on Cabin Point Road.

“Once we have water and sewer at that site that facility site will be what we consider ready for companies to come in and set up shop,” Blowe said. “We hope in the coming year that one of the biggest projects will be the start of our new government office buildings because that is something that’s long overdue.”

After answering questions and concerns of the citizens in attendance, Blowe’s meeting concluded a little earlier than the scheduled noon.

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