Big turnout for Waverly’s Free Movie Night

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: July 11, 2019 | 2:10 p.m.

TOWN OF WAVERLY – The first Waverly Movie Night was a big success, as 168 folks shared the experience of watching the 2018 big-budget film ‘Bumblebee’ from their seats on the grass at Ruritan Ballfield, and Mayor Angela McPhaul said they couldn’t be happier about the turnout.

“Pam (Jones) came up with the idea, did all the work, and it turned out great!” McPhaul said. “Because it was the first one, when kids came in, they were given a free raffle ticket for prizes local businesses like the 4H Airfield center and Jen’s Cut and Curl and Cowling’s BBQ had donated for the event. And the Ruritan Club sold hot dogs, popcorn, sodas, and candy. It was just a great family outing!”

McPhaul emphasized that Communications Supervisor Pam Jones was the driving force behind the event, from the concept on, and explained how Jones plans to turn Movie Night into an ongoing thing for the area.

“When we purchased the rights to show the film, she learned that it’s much cheaper to contract for a group of movies than for just one – which was what she wanted to do all along,” MccPhaul explained. “So Pam got busy and, besides lining up all the details about the movie, the equipment, the extra entertainment – everything! – she raised $1,250 to reach the goal of having five Movie Nights before the end of the year!”

“People loved this one so much,” she added, “that we were approached by the town of Wakefield about doing one together! Pam has said all along that she would love to see this be a big, community-wide event. We all would. Something to bring the community closer together. So the plan is that the second one will be at the end of July in Wakefield, then we’ll have a back-to-school Movie Night in September, another for Halloween, and the fifth one will be at Christmas.”

When pressed for details about upcoming Movie Nights, McPhaul said, “Well, I know she’s considering an Avengers movie, but nothing is finalized on the actual titles yet. I do know that they’ll all be family-friendly, and with Pam in charge, whatever movies she comes up with, Movie Nights will be a whole lot of fun.”

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