Big reveal show for local business on Discovery Channel this week

By: Terry Harris, Staff Writer
March 20, 2019

VIRGINIA – Just over two years ago, Dave Reavis began following his dream: building a Grain to Glass Distillery just outside of Disputanta, VA. Little did he expect that he’d get a big boost – and national attention – a little over a year later when his budding operation was discovered by the popular tv show “Moonshiners Whiskey Business.” And this Wednesday, March 20, what he describes as their potential “million dollar makeover” recently completed at Three Brothers Distillery will be unveiled at 10 p.m. on The Discovery Channel.

Basically, “Moonshiners” star Tim Smith and his crew brought their reality show to Sussex County to give Three Brothers Distillery, which had been struggling a bit since they opened in 2017, a makeover. Reavis was well along the way down the road to where he wanted to be with two products that have garnered statewide acclaim – a Naval Strength Compound Gin and un-aged corn whiskey he named “KABLAM!” And he was preparing to debut an aged rye whiskey in June plus he had a rum still in development. But when the Moonshiners folks selected Three Brothers to visit and offer some help both with the site and with some adjustments behind the scenes, Reavis said that he was “ecstatic” and described the experience as 100% positive.

“There are some big changes,” he said. “They transformed a farm building from the 1800s into an amazing tasting room. The show takes place over 7 days, but a lot of planning went into preparing for that, and the whole experience of having them there was fantastic. The crew was very professional, worked on our schedule, helped us create good television. The work they did on the show was amazing.”

“It really changes your perception of how tv is made,” he continued. “And it gives a really interesting perspective on the effort that goes into reality tv. There’s no script. No one’s telling you what to say or how to say it. It’s really REAL. Of course, there’s editing being done, but they’re truly just there with the cameras watching and reacting to what goes on. So what you see is how it’s happening – no direction. The show took advantage of amazing personalities at work at Three Brothers Distillery and it definitely made for great tv.”

“Ultimately,” Reavis said, “they helped us get organized and back on track to make great products for great people. And that’s what viewers will get to see when they tune in on the Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. on March 20. It’s not every day you get an opportunity to be on national tv as a small regional product – to take what we’re doing and showcase it to the largest possible audience. Now it’s a speakeasy right here in Sussex County.”
“And with the potential for the distillery to grow and attract a national audience, it is also good news for the whole area,” he added. “We continue to work with the county and surrounding area, to be involved in and supportive of efforts going on here, and we appreciate it when we can be involved with things like agro-tourism and economic development in the surrounding area. And our fellow area businesses. We love the welcoming reception we’ve had to the community since we started being a part of it. It’s really satisfying to see Three Brothers Distillery starting to grow into a truly vibrant business.”
Reavis said that this makeover and, ultimately increased exposure will also help him as he continues to build toward his ultimate dream of transforming the pristine 17 1/2 acre spread into a venue for special events.

“We just had our first Music Day in celebration of our two-year anniversary,” he said, “and now we’ll be having bi-monthly Music Jam on first and third Saturdays 1 – 4 p.m., starting April 6. Everyone – including musicians of all levels – is welcome to bring their instruments and come play. We’re planning to have a Food Truck and beverages available, including tasting cocktails from the distillery. For more information on our Music Jams, folks can call Don DeWolf at 804-654-6035or for information on that or anything about Three Brothers, they can reach me at 757-204-1357.”

The Tasting Room is currently open to the public at 9935 County Line Road, Disputanta, VA, on Saturdays 10-5, plus they will open for groups of 10 or more by appointment on Sundays. But Reavis expects that will change once the episode featuring the distillery is broadcast.

“We’re open for tours and events,” Reavis said, “and hope to see folks come out to the distillery and help us grow events into truly awesome experiences. Right now, we’re just really excited to share our “Moonshiners Whiskey Business” reveal with everyone this Wednesday.”

Following the premiere Wednesday at 10, the episode featuring Three Brothers Distillery scheduled to repeat on the Discovery Channel on Thursday, March 21 at 2:02 a.m. and Friday, March 22 at 11:02 p.m.

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