$5,000 reward offered in cold case murder

By Terry Harris
Posted: June 25, 2020 | 3:43 p.m.

On Thursday, Sussex County’s Chief Prosecutor Vincent L. Robertson announced the posting of a $5,000 reward in an effort to gain the public’s help solving the fatal shooting of Loren Mason.

Mason was murdered on the night of December 16, 2017 at 319 Maple St. in Waverly. He was shot once in the head and pronounced dead at the scene by the Waverly Rescue Squad. The assailants also shot Latoria Jones in the back during the incident.

Both Mason and Jones were standing in the front yard of the house when the murder occurred. Witnesses present at the scene saw a silver Ford Taurus with tinted windows drive by the house at the time of the shooting. The next day, December 17, 2017, police recovered a vehicle in Surry County that matched the description of the Ford Taurus. The car had been completely destroyed by fire.

Law enforcement will pay up to $5,000 for information that leads to a conviction of Loren Mason’s murderer.

Robertson, who was appointed Sussex County’s Commonwealth’s attorney in April when former Commonwealth Attorney Lyndia Ramsey became a General District Court Judge, had closed out his successful practice in March and relocated in Sussex County to take on the position of Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney. He indicated that offering this reward is just the beginning of an ongoing effort that he intends to strenuously pursue along with local law enforcement to close out local cases and thereby assure that all citizens are and can feel safe in Sussex County.

Sheriff Giles, who has been working the case since the night of the murder along with Chief Daryl Davis of the Waverly Police said, “I always say if you see something, say something. I just wish our community here at home would come together better than this, and help make our county safe for everyone. This case has been going on for 2 ½ years because of those who were reluctant to testify. Sussex County is filled with good people, and it shouldn’t take a reward for people to tell the truth, but we’re counting on this added incentive to get the truth out.”

Robertson said that by bringing his 20 years in the Marine Corps and extensive experience as a litigator to the situation he intends to bring a straightforward approach to dealing with this and all local cases. He added that the reward is indicative of a renewed determination to close this murder case out by getting the public to come forward with the needed information.

Anyone having information relating to the murder of Loren Mason is asked to call (434) 246-5436 or send emails to sheriff@sussexcounty.gov. Your name will remain anonymous.

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