2020 Surry County School Board honors principals

By: Terry Harris | Email: Click Here
Posted: January 31, 2020 | 3:15 p.m.

SURRY – The Surry County Public School Board began their first 2020 public session by electing Ms. Laura Ruffin as chair and Dr. Marion Wilkins as vice chair. Further action at their Jan. 14 meeting included several other significant decisions.  

Dr. Marion Wilkins was selected to represent the board as Governor’s Schools Representative, with Laura Ruffin acting as alternate, Dr. Wilkins also will serve as WHRO Representative with Dr. Valencia Williams as alternate, and Elsie Dennis and Faye Perkins will be in charge of bills review.  M. Lynette Jones will remain board clerk, with Frances Howell as deputy clerk. 

Following those determinations, Acting Superintendent Stanley Jones, with the assistance of Dr. Serbrenia Sims, recognized school principals by way of a proclamation from Governor Ralph Northam declaring Jan. 19 – 25, 2020  Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week. 

Governor Northam’s proclamation, read by Dr. Sims, recognized things that school principals “work cooperatively to direct, develop, and inspire all members of the school staff and student body, and to communicate effectively with parents to engage them in the learning process.” It also listed some responsibilities of these educational leaders like “managing the policies, regulations and procedures necessary to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all students.”

Surry County School Board members Faye Perkins, Elsie Dennis, Marion Wilkins, Valencia Williams, Laura Ruffin at January meeting

Finally, the proclamation recognized the importance of both principals and teachers for “guiding, directing, nurturing, mentoring,” and imparting knowledge to children while working “to proactively prepare students to be self-reliant and productive citizens” and ended by declaring Jan. 19-25, 2020 as Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week.  

Surry County High Principal Giron Wooden, Jr. Luther Porter Jackson Middle School Principal Ann Marie Nelin, and Surry Elementary School Principal Natasha Myrick all stood and were recognized as the proclamation was read. 

Afterward, Dr. Sims revealed that, although the actual appreciation week would not begin until Sunday, the 19th, “We wanted to make sure that we did a formal recognition at the board meeting. We also have special lunch scheduled in their honor for Tuesday in recognition of all their hard work and accomplishments which contribute so greatly to our continued commitment to make and keep Surry County Schools great.” 

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